High-speed rail between Gothenburg and Borås in Sweden




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“This is an assignment fully in line with Ramboll’s values and our desire to transform Sweden to a sustainable society. That’s why I am particularly proud of this assignment” says Anna Forslund, client director at Ramboll.

Sweden is developing its next generation of high-speed rail network and the section between Gothenburg-Borås will become part of the future route Stockholm - Gothenburg.

Mission: find out location and connectivities of the tracks

“Our assignment is to investigate a suitable corridor for the tracks that will deliver better journey times and accessibility whilst minimizing the impact on the environment and disruption for the inhabitants. We always take a holistic approach, learn from previous assessments with a new perspective. We will benefit from our work on Ostlanken rail link that will go through the city of Linköping and exchange experiences from the two projects. The result will be increased capacity for the railways, better and faster passenger traffic and a positive contribution to the regional development,” says Anna Forslund.

Faster and more sustainable travel

“It is an incredibly important and exciting project both nationally and regionally for western Sweden. The new railway will simplify everyday life for a lot of people and make it possible to travel faster and in a more sustainable way. Not only will the two largest cities in western Sweden be better linked together, but the communication to Landvetter will be vastly improved as well, says Susanna Ohlin, business area manager at Ramboll Sweden.

Communication, innovation and sustainability will be as important parts as the technical expertise when solving the task. Ramboll won the assignment due to our experience with stakeholder engagement, technical know-how and a strong team, combining local and global competences. The project will continue for about 2.5 years before the location investigation is complete and the Swedish Transport Administration can apply for permission from the Swedish government.

Swedish project page: https://se.ramboll.com/projekt/rse/hoghastighetsjarnvag-goteborg-boras


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